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    I think this is kinda old but, Nintendo is a bunch of dumasses. they make this fake movie, and get everybody all excited then they go "by the way, we lied!" then make the crappy Revolution.

    check it: HERE
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    i saw the vid, so what exactly is this thing supposed to be, a replacement for the Rev., or a separate thing all together?
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    im not really sure. i think Nintendo made the vid then made the rev.
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    I read the article..... some kid made it. Its not real at all. He has made other videos as well. He says he does it to get attention because he wants a job at nintendo or something. Check page 3 of the articles for some other stuff the guy has done. He is really good at computer animation and video. The Nintendo ON is fake though.
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    looks good, but it kinda stops abruptly, leaving loads of questions.
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