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    I was thinking of getting in to web design. But here's my problem, I have no portfolio. So, I'm willing to make one for free for anyone here. Plus 4 months of updates.

    But I want you to storyboard this for me. Where should this go, what kind of buttons, should their be flash objects here etc. A pencil sketch should be sufficient. This would be good practice for me and you get the site for yourself. That and I will be working off your design sketch giving me a different perspective on things, and it would be closer to your desire of a site instead of me making it up and waiting for you to say "no, not what i had in mind".

    I dunno how to make built in search or shopping carts. Things of those nature.

    If you like it, maybe some words that I can use.

    If not a site I can make flash wallpaper, based on your design. I don't care what the site is about as long it's not copyrighted images or porn.

    I'm serious about this, and would send you screencaptures of progress.

    That and you'll be responsible for hosting, if you want to go ahead and host the site. I'm still new so don't ask me to make an amazon site or something.

    (What's a good host? I hate the one I have. Bluehost is good? I think someone here vouched for them.)
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    Nevermind, I did it myself
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