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    Here's how to install windows vista on your pc:

    Click the link above

    Tell me if you liked it.


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    if he had the blue screen of death, his computer probably had hardware issues not the cd. also even if it wasnt compatible, it would still in fact run. the ceo of microsoft said that the compatibility was lowered dramatically so people would buy it, but it would run horribly slow
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    nice! just to make sure this isnt REALLY vista. i actually installed a couple of weeks ago and its pretty slick. props for the video!

    lol ^^ who isnt

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    hey man

    thanx for da vid
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    thats Opie from "Opie and Anthony in the Morning", a radio show in NY. last i heard they got fired or they do satellite radio only now. funny couple of guys.

    "don't fucking ask me. i don't know..."

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