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    hey i put all my desktop data on to a maxell cd-r music 700 mb disc because people (dad) kept looking at the stuff in my desktop. i was wondering if i could somehow make it so when somone put in my data disc in if it would ask for a password? that would be nice so i wouldnt really have to hide it. i know this isnt a board for pc's but all tha techies running around i hope that at least 1 person could help thanx aim me pleez
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    sounds like someone wants to store porn away from prying parents....
    well heres a masterclass.

    ok, get a file encryption tool.
    use it on all the files you want to hide.
    then put these files in a hidden folder and put that folder (encrypted) in the system folders

    the is good on 3 layers because
    you cant see it if you do a sandard search
    you cant see it if you have view hidden folders off
    you cant get at it, even if you do find it. you need athe password.

    so now go and pwn your parents. hehe.
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