Thread: You guys like motorcycles? I'm building a bobber!

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  1. #1 You guys like motorcycles? I'm building a bobber! 
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    I have a 1978 Yamaha XS650 that I'm building into a bobber, and just thought I'd share with you guys. Here are a few pics.


    This is with the front and rear fenders, the seat, seat rack and misc. other small things removed. From here I gotta put my drag pipes on, and remove the tank. The bike is going to be fully blacked out in flat black...except for maybe the headpipes, I may leave those chrome.

    Here's a couple example of completed Yamaha XS650 bobbers. These are the same EXACT bike mine is...big difference eh?

    I know this is a PSP forum, but who doesn't like motorcycles? AMIRITE?
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    I like motorcycles, never owned one and know very little but there are lots of people around here (Poconos) that do. That's a great project you have going for you. Best of luck with it and keep us posted.

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