Thread: Need Referrals and Having A Hard Time?

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  1. #1 Need Referrals and Having A Hard Time? 
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    I found a solution. There is a website called Welcome to

    This website works like this. You make an account and earn whats known as credits. As you do offers for someone to earn their credits, others will do offers for you to earn credits off of you. There is even an easier way of doing this. You can just buy the gold membership for just 5.00 a month and you will instantly be put to the top of the list. You can even earn credits yourself just by clicking links. Try it out for yourself!
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    tried it b4 ....never had much luck with it though
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    If danny doesn't like the site, I don't like the site .
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    So, I can just put my referral link on there and people will click on them?
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