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    Here is the link its from ibm thought i might share it with you. Its small but now you can carry a back up of ur psp memory on you at all times.

    You do have to sign up and click get memory key now.
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  2. #2 New PSP Homebrew Section Added To Site 
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    I am happy to announce that I have just added a PSP Homebrew section on this site located here

    -I will be writing lots of how-to and FAQ articles which will help you with all your PSP Homebrew needs. All the latest homebrew news will be posted here as well.

    -But I will also be adding lots of homebrew downloads which you will be able to download for free!!! And the best downloads will be posted in our PSP Homebrew Downloads section

    I hope you all will like this new addition to site, and if you have any more ideas on this please let me know.
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