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    Is it just me? Or people just don't like reading? What is the use of people making guides, when newcomers don't read them? I get emails everyday asking the same questions "can i use my majic stick as a normal one?" "will i be able to use my slim battery again after i trace it with a pencil?" or how about this "do i really need pandora if i have the lastest software?" The best answer: read the guide that you are using thoroughly. That way you can ask question that are NOT in the guide. I literally have to quote the guide, just to answer them. I just thought I had to get that off my chest. Happy PSP modding!
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    Mod any other console, become confused and join a forum. I assure you, you won't turn to the guides section first.

    But yea, I agree. It gets annoying over time. I actually have some of the guide links macro'd to my keyboard and a backup sheet on notepad.
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