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    Ok...first beofre you all flame I am not a noob...i have over 300 posts on the

    But back to topic... cant get to some of my favoutrite sites because of this well simply put "Parental Control" option in Windows that my parents set A LONG time ago and now a year later I wanna remove this.
    It is under in Windows "Internet Options" then the tab "Content"
    There's the content advisor and it is passworded
    Other than doin something absolutly crasy to my computer is there any way for me to get past this password or find it out?
    Thanks alot
    (BTW great community here )
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    i would first try to mayb download firefox to see if those parental things are only on IE. if not, i would suggest going to MS's site or something and seeing what the deafault password is, mayb they never made their password original. but overall i would recommend just getting firefox, i think it is a better browser anyway
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    yeah I should try that
    I havent downloaded firefox onto this computer yet because my parents ask too many questions about any new thing on the computer..time to take the risk

    I know the password isnt the defualt one bcause it even has one of the nice clues...but the clue doesnt reveal anythin (its A number) and I've tried all possibilities (birth dates, years, favoutite #'s)
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    HAve you tried anal ? rofl
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