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    I want to take two computer cables, cut off the ends that lead to the computer and wire them in parallel so that there are 2 heads leading to the computers and only one head leading to the power outlet. One of the heads is a regular computer end (C13) and the other one is a laptop end (C5). Anyone know if this will work or will it overload the system?
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    i personaly wouldnt try it, just because i love my computer, hahaha. go to your friends house and try it out. =] hahah

    will it work or not, depends on your system power demands. power outlet will only give out 110watts of power and no more. your computer doesnt use all 110watts. it sucks only the needed amount of power for the computer to run. if your laptop and the desktop combined need more than 110 watts of power, then youll either kill both of your computers or burn down your house.

    give it a shot at your friends house, lol
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