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    hi guys sorry i looked i couldnt find any fourms on this... i recently bought a psp phat added firmware 4.01 m33 ive been using utorrent but some games have more then one zip when i try and add them its to big i only have a 1gig rite now is there a way to shrink the game(file)....
    now software if i download like homebrew thing where would i have to put the file to run?
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    You could make the game into a CSO but doing that for some games will make it very laggy during certain sequences in-game. I would suggest getting a bigger memory stick. And don't discuss torrent sites/downloading games because you're just gonna get flamed for not reading the forum rules.

    Always make sure to phrase it like you own the game.
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    If you have a game with more than one zip, get them all in one bunch then extract them.

    Get a bigger memory stick.
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