Thread: eBay phone service contracts- are they scams or legit?

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  1. #1 eBay phone service contracts- are they scams or legit? 
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    As my contract under my family comes to a close soon, I'm looking at plans for myself now. I'm really loving Helio- they have service in all of the possible colleges I may be going to next year and have decent prices.

    I like the Ocean but it's pretty expensive. I was looking on eBay however, and noticed this: NEW HELIO OCEAN W/ 2 YR CONTRACT W/ $100 REBATE !!! - eBay (item 170246158971 end time Aug-11-08 12:08:25 PDT)

    Since I'm planning on getting a 2 year contract anyway, it's a good deal, right? I figure the problems with this stuff could arise when someone thinks the phone is all they're bidding on. But maybe there's more to it than that?

    I don't wanna get caught up in a scam and a lot of people on PSPmod are geniuses so I figured I'd ask here to get some opinions.

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    I wouldn't know but suggest that you get on on eBay w/o a plan

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