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    Okay, this is really frustrating me... So now I ask for help, because I can't find an answer that works...
    I have a Resident Evil 3 Eboot, and CFW 4.01 m33-2
    Now I got passed the very first screen, and the "fire hose bug"
    But now, I'm playing as Jill... Right after I played as Carlos (fetching the vaccine)
    And, i run out the chaple, and beat nemises (because i like to get the parts when he dies) and then I exit the clock tower... While exiting the clock tower
    I never really get outside, because it freezes while exiting the door..
    I have all pops, and tried just about all of them.. can someone please tell me how to fix this? becaus I had to beat this asshole like 12 times, just to find out I can't exit the clock tower... Help please.?
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    u should have posted this in the emulation section...

    create another eboot and use SLPS-01222 (BioHazard 2 Game ID) to avoid Clock Tower game freeze. To avoid game freeze after getting the firehose, instead of going directly to the alley, go back to the parking lot to deposit the hose in the chest. Now go directly to the alley (without the fire hose) and then there you withdraw the hose skipping the door where the game freezes.

    if you would like to use the save from ur original gameID then please check out this thread because i answered a question on saves earlier today..
    Changing GameID and using old saves

    and good luck
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