Thread: I Have An I-mate K-Jam...Now What Can I Do???

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  1. #1 I Have An I-mate K-Jam...Now What Can I Do??? 
    hi guys..i brought this i-mate k-jam from a friend today..i want to know what modding can i do with it hackable just like the psp..are there cool softwares for imate too??..any body knows anything???..thanks..waiting for reply..
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    hello please can anyone over here help me out??
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    you should ask for your money back.. theres really nothing you can do with it. If i recall, it runs windows 5.0 and there should be plenty of free programs for it, but nothing that will blow you away. it runs java so games are plentiful.. thats about all i have to say on it.
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    wel i got a lot of things to do with it ...its 75% iphone by now..and i love it..i need not ask my money back but ill sell it for 50 bugs more wen i plan to sell
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