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    Well i got a new computer today

    135GB of space, and also it is really cheap.

    The only bad thing...


    At the store, it worked fine, its a usb mouse, and it worked fine.

    But when i brought it home, put it on my mouse pad, and it didnt work!

    It wouldnt move or anything.

    But the power light is on, on it.

    So there is power right..

    So wtf?

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    Have you tried connecting the mouse on other USB ports? Can you check the mouse on some other computer? It may be as simple as a loose connection.. If does not work on other computer as well then it is the Mouse, if you do not have another comp. try conncting another USB device like a usb keyboard on the port to check if the port is fine. If the port does not have any problem, then try another mouse if you have access to or else get a mouse, it is not very expensive or get the mouse replaced from the place you purchased the system
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    Haha simple fix, it was a BLUETOOTH mouse, so i had to special set it up.

    But the computer did not allow external devices to let the computer recognize them, so i had to change that too.

    Thanks for trying

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    HID Mouse or ball?
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