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    So this is how it started:

    A few weeks ago while using my computer, I noticed that my computer was performing very slowly. I decided to call up DELL with my problem. So I waited for a while on the phone, untill I heard an Indian voice come from the other end. I said "can you help me with my computer? I think I may have spyware." So the man said yes and gave me very simple instructions. He first told me to go to and search for a program called something like SpyFinder, I dont remember exactly. He said download, unzip, and install it. Then he hung up. So not knowing what was ahead of me, I did exactly what he said. After installing the program my computer froze. I turned it off. After about 10 mins I turned it on again, my computer still wouldnt run properly (i.e. it froze whenever I clicked Internet Explorer.) So i decided to call back DELL again. This time explained exactly what had happened and before I finished he said "wait one minute, was the person you talked to Indian?" I said yes and he then said oh no. He explained to me and a company using Indian men to pretend to be DELL customer service workers was cutting into DELL's phone calls and causing people to download things like the above which would eventually ruin a computer." I was very surprised. And I said well can you fix my computer? He managed to instruct me to do something to get my computer back to normal state anyway.

    Just figured I would let you guys know about this, because many people have DELL computers.

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    ROFL indian spyware distributers..... what has the world come to

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    that sucks
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    i hate calling customer service for anything, bc a indian person always comeon, icant understand her and she cant understand me.

    they put ur ass on hold for like 45 hours, and ait takes like 30 minutes to understand wat they are saying, (>,<;;;;;;;;;
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    dells suck-thats why i didn't work

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    woah thats some elaborate shit.. damn spyware-developers!
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    i think that indians on the pohone is a bad thing anyway... not to be racist, they dont have a fucking clue what theyre talking about
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    of course they dont...hell ask them to make a curry or play a sitar or fuck like bunnies and thats all hunky dory but ask them why your computer is making loud crunching noise and they think your of ya head

    call me racist if you want but cmon its the truth !
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