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    Does an 1 have any psp,xbox,ps2,xbox360 emulators for computer.
    Check What i got :P

    PsP version 2.1
    Screen Protector
    Usb Link

    NbaLive 06
    Crash Team Racing
    Need For Speed Most Wanted
    Grand Theft Auto Lib Story
    Untold Legends

    Movies & T.v Shows
    Mr and Mrs Smith
    Christmas With The Cranks
    Little Britain

    NONE of my stuff is copyright , its ALL original
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    google does
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    pwn3d. nice.
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    man that was a good one.
    This is your brain o this is your brain on crack O
    this is your butthole O this is your butthole in jail 0

    moral is dont steal snickers from a gas station
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