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  1. #1 Best spyware and adware detector? 
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    What is the best one out there because i keep getting porno popups and its a pain in the ass! since im 13 on the family computer lol

    any recommendations?
    ~Sincerely LOLMAO
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    You need to download Firefox, and install the Adblock Plus plug-in along with the G-Filter plug-in.
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    For me, zonealarm works best. It tells you if anything tries to run an .exe or tries to access the internet. You can set it so those ads don't pop up anymore. I haven't tried the virus scanner, but the anti-spyware works great.
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    you need to make sure you cover lots of bases, so it doesn't hurt to have a couple of programs. here's what i suggest (and all of these are free and tested)

    -ad-aware: a good cleaner
    -spyware terminator: a good cleaner and has free real-time protection
    -spyware blaster: runs in the background and prevents things from infecting

    there are some others out there, but these are the three i use, and have been clean.

    run these in safe-mode first, and then run them again in normal mode and hopefully this will help.
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    you don't need ad-aware from popups, you need a good browser that blocks pop ups.

    and the best setup is windows defender / nod32
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    I use AVG and WinPatrol mostly and i use Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware in safe mode, works the best for me, AVG is nice because it auto scans links to see if there ok to go to. I also use Google Chrome web browser, it does a full page warning if you are about to go some where fishy.
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