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    ok so my last attempt to get some nice pics up here didnt work out well since it was aparently just me posting my ugly ass here's a new attempt.. post some stories here and try to accompany with pictures.

    so without further ado here's me last wednesday:

    dont have much of a story though, its just me being pissdrunk.. cant say i remember too much of that night so thats maybe why i dont have a story
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    Well, this was a while ago but its its definitely in my top 25 fuck-me-im-pissdrunk evenings. My 21st birthday, lol.

    Story: Me and 3 friends went down to 6th Street in Austin, TX. We went to about 20 bars, me collecting my free birthday shot at each. After getting completely smashed we went back to my friends girl freinds apartments. My friend James (picture #1) started puking, My other friend started video taping, so we have this whole thing on video by the way. He was laughing the entire time he was throwing up, which was like an hour. At some point during this, the sound of him, well and the massive amount of shots during the night, made me nauseous. I tried to kick James off the toilet but he fought back. We fought over the toilet for a while, then he started puking some more, so I climbed over him and puked in the bath tub. Its a discussing video but absolutely hysterical. James passes out on the toilet smiling from ear to ear. I woke up the next morning with one shoe on my foot and the other I was using for a pillow. I got a picture of James passed out, and the other is of me the following morning.
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