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    The album comes out September 30th and i can't wait for it.
    The guitar work is really similar to The Crusade based on the 4 tracks that have been released.
    There is a lot of singing like on The Crusade, but Matt and Corey are screaming again.
    It seems to be about half singing and half screaming on each track.
    Also a lot of the songs are quite diverse.
    They don't just fall into a generic metal song, theres a lot of different styles in each of the songs.
    The song into the Mouth of Hell We March is on Madden 09' so you might have heard it already.
    Deffinetly a big improvement of The Crusade, it seems to be fuller sounding.
    I dont know how else to describe it but The Crusade seemed to have an empty sound to it.

    forgot the track list =P

    01. Kirisute Gomen
    02. Torn Between Scylla And Charybdis
    03. Down From The Sky
    04. Insurrection
    05. Into The Mouth Of Hell We March
    06. Throes Of Perdition
    07. He Who Spawned the Furies
    08. Of Prometheus And The Crucifix
    09. The Calamity
    10. Like Callisto To A Star In Heaven
    11. Shogun

    Trivium - Down From The Sky

    Trivium - Kirisute Gomen

    Trivium - Into The Mouth of Hell We March

    Trivium - Throes of Perdition
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    Sweeeet!! Can't wait. I love Trivium.
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