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  1. #1 Why you dont ask for help on the internet.. 
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    you have to read from the very top to understand ^_^
    this was hilarious.. this is also hopefully my last Off Topic thread.. i need to help out..

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    Quote Originally Posted by KhAoSxChAoS View Post
    I facepalmed so many times, I have a fractured forehead...
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    lol pretty funny stuff.

    "don't fucking ask me. i don't know..."

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    That had to be the funniest I've EVER seen!

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    That's some pretty messed up shit.

    Makes me want to cry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hercules View Post
    why the Michael Jackson one was maybe a little too much

    Are you kidding!? That was the best one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkthunder90 View Post
    Are you kidding!? That was the best one!
    what im saying is..he went a little too far..if it was me, i would have made them both high with dreads..with a jamican background and maybe's bob marley's ghost..thats just me
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    wow, that was terrible, but at the same time it was absolutely hilarious!

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    I saw this on ipodtouchfans awhile back but im still Lol'ing at it

    Quote Originally Posted by Darkheart13
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    old but funny.
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