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    SOURCE: SCEA slaps lawsuit against PSP pirates on Craigslist - PlayStation Portable News - PSP Updates

    SCEA slaps lawsuit against PSP pirates on Craigslist
    Posted Oct 15, 2008 at 10:55AM by Gino D.
    Listed in: News Tags: SCEA, California, piracy Ó44 QJ

    Via GamePolitics, we hear that, last August, SCEA filed a lawsuit against some PSP pirates hawking their wares and services on Craigslist. The two alleged culprits are both from San Jose, California: Timothy Joey Zoucha Jr. and Gabriel Garcia. A court hearing is scheduled for late October.

    The preliminary statement of the filed complaint (see Via link below) reads that the two of them:

    [...] brazenly offer their services on to "mod" or "unbrick" PSP consoles so as to allow illegal unauthorized copies of SCEA's video game software to operate on the unlawfully modified PSP console.

    The rest of the complaint talks of how investigators were sent to check out how these two guys operate. Much to say, they were caught red-handed.

    The story goes that the culprits modified the investigators' PSP units and loaded illegally copied games (Patapon, God of War, and Crisis Core just to name a few) as a package deal. One of the investigators was even sold a bundle of 11 DVDs containing more games and a tutorial on how to load games from the PC to the PSP. (Which brings to mind an age-old article where we exposed the piracy situation in the Philippines)

    O wow. All this, right after hearing about the new anti-piracy law yesterday? Yeouch. Looks like these two guys in Cali just got a golden ticket to a life of misery.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Daxmaurier View Post


    What anti-piracy law?

    Somebody fill me in

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bewood View Post

    What anti-piracy law?

    Somebody fill me in

    Bush signs PRO-IP antipiracy law
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    Fuck Bush And Fuck Everyone Who Try's To Stop Us From Doing What We Want With Our Consoles.

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    So many sides to this argument that I'm on both sides.
    on the one hand if you never plan to buy psp games then its just wrong to me to hack all of them to play on your psp.
    alternately just putting copies of them that you already owned or currently own is fine.
    much the reason why i would never pay for emulated console gaming like snes and such.
    also why i never purchase used games from gamestop (bunch of friggin robbers they are)
    i'd much rather purchase from someone else who bought the game and will use my money to buy more games.

    but anyway... they're just as dumb as drugdealers who flash all they own adverting their illegal business.
    eh well cest la vie ey?
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    shit dude....i do the same thing on craigslist, except for the whole giving them official sony games thing....

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    The SCEA's lawyer is a fucktard; "Unlawfully modded psp"... seriously, what a douche. And as we've all known, Bush is the king of douchebags, that's why he paid someone to make a movie called "W." about his 'life'.
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