Thread: Here is why all the people at psp are supposably "mean"

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  1. #1 Here is why all the people at psp are supposably "mean" 
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    It could either be,

    1.They are trying to help you out by saying that you can find things out on your own, by that I mean, what would you rather be a person who can figure things out for themselves and help other people out who actually need the help or be a person who is always needing help and will probably be fired from his job because he is always needing help. Which would actually mean that they are like the people in movies always pushing people along and yell at them and never telling them that they are only mean because they want to help.

    2.They are tired of seeing "Is there a downgrader yet for 2.01+", Its like having your parents ask have you cleaned your room yet? It is exactly the same, after hearing it time after time you eventually just get tired of hearing it and yell at your mother for saying it so much, or in this case flaming you for being dumb.

    3.Everyone here is 60+ and don't like talking to people, and are all grumpy old men....... who have periods.

    4.Maybe they just dont like you.
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    i could be number 3... im only saying that because i wear depends...that are dirty at the moment
    Prying open my third eye
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    yeah thats a pretty good break own but i never have a maybe never wiil flame sumone over a stupid quetstion cause i was kinda stupid back then
    This is your brain o this is your brain on crack O
    this is your butthole O this is your butthole in jail 0

    moral is dont steal snickers from a gas station
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    i think you got it spot on with number 1, i think people should learn to teach themselves.
    it makes people less inclined to fall back on things, but you do get a load of institutionalised people (an im not meaning people from homes for the mentally retarded) im talking people that are used to places like school, and work, being told what and when to do things.

    figure it out for yourself, we have left a line of crumbs for you to follow to the bread.
    also, its better to teach people to grow their own food than mearly giving them it.
    self subsistance is what we all need, and for us not to be sucked into a bland corporate mechanism, we need to think for ourselves.

    oh, and some people just get mad with stupid people
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