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    Hi, i am thinking of selling my un-used slim psp, this is the stuff it has with it

    PSP Slim x 1
    AC Power Adapter (100 - 240V)
    PSP Battery Pack
    Car Holder Stand
    Car charger
    metal aluminum case(black)
    Hori screen protector
    Sony 4GB Memory Card
    PSP Slim headphones with remote control
    2 in 1 usb charge cable

    i brought this package from ebay a month ago, also they gave
    96 Games & 300 games in the memory stick....
    it is still boxed & still brand new, & the reason i want to sell it because i dont really like it(i use my psp 1000).
    (i want to list it on ebay, so i want to know like how much roughly you think this worth)


    These are the 96 game:

    here are the 300 games:

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    that's a lot of games. dang.
    sell it for $250-300. unless that's what you paid. then jack it up.
    make your profit.
    pandora battery? magic memory stick? get started here.

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    Most likely the guy that sold you it got lucky and ebay did nto catch the fact that he was selling pirated material

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    yup. I had to re-list my PSP 4 times before eBay finally allowed me to sell it. They cancelled my auction on 3 seperate occasions for saying things like "can play homebrew" "modded PSP" "play back-ups". I wasnt even including any ROMs or ISOs...

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    250 -275 sounds right
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    wouldnt pay more then 150

    there's no place like
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