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    Im posting part of a guide for my friend. He needs help on call of cthulhu: dark corners of the earth. so ....... her it is

    You are, unfortunately stuck underwater with inhuman things trying to kill
    you. Investigate the room and take the emblem on the pedastel next to the
    charming widow's corpse (you did waste Dagon, after all). There is a save
    point etched on the pedastel as well. The exit is under the ramp to the first
    statue. Use the emblem from Hydra's chamber (sacred charm) on the door's
    control panel to effect an exit strategy. The submarine (the one that wasn't
    destroyed anyway) is now attacking the underwater colony. You need to get the
    hell out of Enn'gha (or whatever you want to call it) before you're swimming
    with something infinitely nastier than the fishes.

    Run out of the inner sanctum (the bolted door past the High Priest Marsh's
    office) and head back to the area outside the dungeon. Locate the path going
    back towards Esther Marsh's laboratory -- you need to run along that path past
    the mine-tunnel leading to the lab to the end of the path that has an opening
    leading to the final (timed) puzzle. Go through the tunnel and you will arrive
    at the portal at the beginning of Air-filled Tunnels (the one Sebastian Marsh
    came through). Use the emblem (sacred charm) on the gate control panel and the
    exit should be obvious. If you are dying when atttempting to use the gate's
    control panel, then you are not getting off Devil's Reef fast enough. You
    can't run, so you can only cut short the distance you travel (especially on
    the curved path outside) by running on the inside of the track as much as
    possible. You will have just enough time to read the spell and strafe to the
    active gate before the whole reef explodes like in James Bond: You Only Live
    Twice (but without the krezzy Japanese sex). Happy hara-kiri!

    I totally winned you noobs k?

    jshedit: thats just downright wrong, change to something else.
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    couldnt u had jus went ovr to his house,called him or something to help him??????
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    or told him to go to

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    How the hell can you be on a gaming forum and NOT know about gamefaqs? You fail at the internet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mofo196
    How the hell can you be on a gaming forum and NOT know about gamefaqs? You fail at the internet.
    And then some...
    Quote Originally Posted by julie
    who me? im a perfect lil angel
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