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    I had to do a project for school on cults, so my friends decided on a cult called Heaven's Gate. These nutjobs believe that their human bodies are vessels and that they will go up to a giant UFO in the sky after they commit suicide dressed in nike sweatpants.

    Anyway, on to the interesting part:
    I opened up PSPMod in a diffrent tab while I was viewing the Heaven's Gate website and I noticed something peculiar:

    subliminal much? lol or did the founders just choose a logo that looks cool

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    It's not a logo, it's called a favicon.
    It's the default favicon for vbulletin forums.

    Also, I don't think you even know what subliminal means. Even if they both had the same non-default favicon, that would be called "coincidental" -- or possibly "intentional", not subliminal.
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    I watched a documentary on them actually. They used to believe that in the year 2000 (obviously it failed) that the 'Space Brothers' were going to come and pick them up, and that they lived lives as Nazis in past lives. Oh yes, they're quite ridiculous. Lol.
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    crazy nutjobs. OMG I thought that was the true way to go. and thank you Pirate-M.Lifnen. I've seen that on many of the websites I go to and I was wondering what it was
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