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    well i got a new laptop for christmas and it has windows vista on it it works well but do you think it works well? if you don't well get the habbit of useing it it may be a little slow but it has new features on windows vista like fix the red eye look on your pictures thats cool ain it? and do you think its really good to have? i like it so get a it in a laptop / desktop with windows vista it has alot of NEW FEATURES so try one with windows vista if you want some good features your good friend scott233

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    You live in Tennessee? Are you sure? ...

    Anyways, fixing redeyes is far from a "new feature", and Vista does not work well. I'll stick with XP until Windows 7 comes out...

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    ok wtf is the point of this thread?
    First windows vista sucks it such a massive hog its just sad
    second its from microsoft dont they own enough of the world?

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    oh sweet, i got a laptop too. and yes, its in vista. i think its alright.
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    vista is good. i have no problems with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sullivan View Post
    vista is good. i have no problems with it.
    then vista works well with you then ? and you like it

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    Vista is a steaming pile of shit. It takes far too much memory, has far too many pointless and unneeded features, and lots of programs i use on a daily basis don't work.

    I'll stick with XP, thankyekindly.

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    Wtf is this?
    A windows spammer?

    This is dumb.
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    29/12/2008 12:01 AM <ƒR()ยง†H@X> scott,your alien language hurts my head.i cant read 90 percent of what you say

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