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    Well I've been doing research on how people actually get caught pirating games and such. Its quite interesting. But this I found has very little to do with pirating as much as stealing from the little kiddies who wanna find a deal and get more games for cheap, but instead end up getting scammed with fake imitations.

    They take parts of various video games, build up fake levels (that crash eventually) with fake music and such, and sell it to the kids in fake cartridges and such. They imitate it and sell it to poor kids. This is in the days that the SNES, N64, and Gensis were quite popular.

    Pirates of the Classics

    Does anyone else find the games, and information, actually interesting?
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    Haha, lolz at Somari.
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    Well, Atari ones were the first.(and those were HORRIBLE) But these were still not that good. Somari was decent but had terrible music. and Sonic 6...ugh.

    Kinopio was actually entertaining but still crappy.XD Super Donkey Kong is just a PAIN IN THE ASS with controls, but mimics Donkey Kong Land real well otherwise.

    Like I said, not even close to the first hacked pirated games, but still You should check out the Atari ones. My grandparents had so many.
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    I think this is pretty funny and annoying


    add http// and no www
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