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    UltraNeko/Dr. Sadie: Sadie
    Snake/David: David Hayter
    Naomi/Jennifer: Jennifer Hale
    Colonel/Paul: Paul Eiding
    Otacon/Christopher: Christopher Randolph
    Raiden/Quinton: Quinton Flynn

    thats one of the funniest videos ive seen in a while. if youve played a MGS game then youll see the humor. oooh and click the video and you can watch it in HQ.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitochondria View Post
    Lol the MK2 is Christophers cat with a video camera on his back David Hayter just pulls out a gun from no where. Quinton Flynn is just a weirdo so is Paul Eiding. And christopher screaming snakes name is pretty hilarious too. I love how he does the actual voice, pretty good. "The cononel, because hes never told me the truth, not once" lol.
    yeah when he started talking like snake, i was surprised how he sounds exactly like him. i thought computers were modifying someones voice.

    best part- does anyone mind if i have a 18minute monologue? loll
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