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    wow..i just saw the trailer for it..this is gonna be awesome..i thought he died on the car..but they gave he him a fake swear there was two best parts in the frist one

    1) sex in the middle of the street..that one had to be one of the funniest things ive ever seen..

    2) when he stuck his finger out at someone and said "boom" and kill him, but it was really the chinese guys shooting.

    jason staham is freaking amazing, cant wait to see this..cant find one on youtube but here is ign

    IGN Video: Crank: High Voltage Movie Trailer - Trailer
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    I enjoyed crank, although I made the mistake of watchin it for the first time with my Dad, who like most fathers enjoys bonding over gratuitous action, not so much gratuitous sex though, haha. he didn't stick around much longer.

    the finger shootin was sick, but i liked the scene where he was gettin sucked off in the car, then most brutally took down the guys chasing them after smart stopped mid-blow.hahaa

    Crank 2 looks interesting, to say the least. Statham's latest films haven't been up to snuff, i.e. In the name of the King, Death Race, Transporter 2 (haven't watched 3 yet), but they definitely fill that adrenaline junkie void quite nicely.
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    go to see this movie.
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