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    Hi there i would like to show you my removed link they are moving to an .com or .org real soon and they already have 114 members and 70 active members come and check out the stats this is not a little site where it will be gone in a matter of days there working on getting on top of google and all there mods are FAIR not like carp here who bans people just because he is bored. please check this site out i promise you won't get bored!
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    Firstly, people who describe things as "sick" make my blood boil (I know it's not your website, i'm just talking generally). Secondly, linking to a site that has ISO/CSO downloads isn't the best idea.

    EDIT: Oh also to whoever does run that site, making all of your forums private to guests is a bad idea. People like to look around places before they join up.
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    hmm he did ok...and also before he moves he might change the name i will make a request to change it to somthing else any ideas?

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    So is it you or not? You make it sound like it isn't, but then your forum links to it.

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    Well its not me or else my color would be red xD but he offered us a job if we link our site to his and we figure snice our site is a small free forum his is a big going to be .org we would take it and get a chance to be a mod on a big site! xD

    EDIT: and also it is a lot easyier to be a member then to run a site xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrmdb3 View Post
    No advertising. If we see it, we will lock it or delete the thread. Keep your ads in your sig! I don't know the other Mod's policy to this, but I am okay with you having advertisments in your signature. (Like ads for your site, other sites, etc. Make them appropriate or we will remove them).
    No piracy talk. If I see links up, the person who posted them will get a permanent ban, no warning. If I see converstaions going, I will lock the thread and give a warning. No threads like: "Can someone PM a good ISO site". I will probably temp. ban you and give a warning with a locked thread.
    As you can see, posting links to ISO's is not allowed and is enough for a permanent ban.
    Also, no advertising. This is also grounds for a permanent ban. You can advertise in your sig, not in threads.

    But, I'm going to let you off easy this time.
    So, I hereby sentence thee to:
    3 days ban!
    Rules, rules, rules. WinRAR
    The most important thread you'll ever read..

    "The mods look like the gestapo; 'do as we say, not as we do.'"

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