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    Fucking both awesome movies Clint Eastwood is and always will be the man. He makes Chuck Norris look like a school girl. Gran Torino is a pretty awesome gang movie if you could call it that. Very very worth buying on Bluray (DVD wtf is that?).

    Taken with Liam Neesan was a great thrill ride from begining to end. He's a goddamn Ninja, Jedi, Spec Ops, he kicked so much ass in that movie hard to imagine such an old guy could look soo cool. haha.

    So in conclusion 2 movies with 2 old guys kicking ass. Go see them, download them, however you do your movies.
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    i actually havent seen them and cant wait to see them all my friends have been telling me they are great movies

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    I dunno about Gran torino but Taken was an ok movie.
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