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    Ok my psp is bricked and im going to send it to sony. I know they will send it back with a newer version. My questions are, is the new motherboard that they put in already 2.6, or do they upgrade you psp after putting in the new motherboard. Also if they do the second one is thare any thing I can do to stop them. May be take out my battery(they will probily thorw one in it though. Dam it looks like I cant use homebrew any more. (I like playing the games that run in Kernal mode, like soon to be Monkey64. If he wants it to run good it will have to use kernal mode.)
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    theyll just reflash it... nobody knowshow they do it, but you will get the latest update (2.6 at present)
    and then you will have all the joys of the eloader.
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