Thread: If I told you, you could be a pro solderer, would you believe me?

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  1. #1 If I told you, you could be a pro solderer, would you believe me? 
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    I recently made a mod that I like to call the Precision Soldering Station. It only cost around 50-60USD to build. It can turn any amateur into a professional solderer. It has a lever that you pull down that lowers the soldering iron to a certain point. You just place whatever you want soldered underneath it at that point (I will probably add a laser pointer on mine so I don't have to guess). The contraption doesn't shake so you don't have to worry.
    I look down on people who do LED mods.
    I love hot glue, if you don't then f*** you.

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    nice and you proved us wrong
    Great sig made by Major zero
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