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    The PSP was released here in the U.S.

    I can't beleive it's been a year feels like just yesterday where I was selling them @ Gamestop eager to get off of work to go home and open up this bad boy and play some games. If you got it on launch night post your stories and first impressions of the system.

    Happy 1 year PSP

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    when i first got my psp, (Dec. 05) i was like o yea! w00t! i was playing it non-stop. of course i couldnt play online bc i had kingdom of paradise. now that game is fun.

    edit: srri bout not posting about gettn it on launch night. just wanted to post bout when i first got it.
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    i opened mine up while we were still open... hehe i couldnt wait... while i was selling other ppl their psp's @ midnight, mine was charging behind the counter =P~

    i remember one of the gamestop marketing execs came in a week before the PSP was coming out, and at that time i had no desire to buy a psp ($250 dollars?! they're fucking mad!!!), and he was playing Lumines on a clean assed PSP... i almost wept it looked so clean, and sharp, and omg i wanted one! bastard wouldnt let me play it but at THAT SECOND, in my head, i was already trading in EVERYTHING with the word nintendo on it Gamecube and 2 DS's plus a few games gone in an insant to reserve and pay off a PSP heheh...

    and to this day i've never looked back =P~

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    i bought mine relatively early, not launch-day though

    remember i landed in tokyo on april 4th.. walked abit in the town to look at stuff, then into the first game-shop i saw and bought me my precious 1.0 psp and then spent the night alone in my hotel-room playing nfs:ur
    good times good times, then 2-3 months later i discovered homebrew and
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    I got mine on launch day in the US. I love my psp! I would have to say the only thing I regret was getting NBA as my first game... the game disappointed me a bit, but not the system
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    Ya know, when I woke up this morning I had this overwhelming feeling like I wasted my money on a system that had a library of horrible, horrible games. I guess that explains it.
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    system = good
    firmware = bad
    games = bad

    homebrew= fucking great.
    psp=sex on silicone.
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    I got it the day after it came out. My mom was asking me what I wanted for my birthday...and I said "Mom, I'll pay 150$ for it...but can you buy me a psp? " She asked me if its what I really wanted and then later that day we wen tto gamestop and bought it.

    Today has been the most beautiful day I've ever seen.
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    i got mine at 9 am on launch day when it came out in europe.

    stayed off school and everything to get it.
    best waste of a day EVER
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    Jul 2005
    I did not get mine on launch day. I was very hesitant as to wether to get one or not. Got in end of June just before I left for Belgiumm 2 weeks later. I must say taht I was amazed when I first opened it. I imagined it to be a bit bigger actually. I couldn't find the battery when I opened it and was like "Holy shit please dont say Sony is making us buy our battery seperatly". but there behold was the battery. Turned it on and DAYUM, it was fine. I re-lived taht moment on December 9th when my 2nd PSP was shipped to me by PSPMod
    yup tahts about it
    to tell the truth I expected that big 3.0 update to be today..but i guess not. Oh well, not much longer, its schedualed for spring!!

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    Well guy's I didn't get mine on launch day, but my first contact with the PSP was a girl I knew at work, she brought this one in that she got which "cough" fell of the back of a truck, this was back in August, I saw the screen and the graphics and I was hooked... I was like WOW! all this on a little portable, it was the best you could get from everything else I had seen so, I sold some stuff "PS2" since I hadn't played it for some time and bought me a 1.5 PSP from ebay... I was filled with Joy when I recieved it.. excellent little system, would be even more awsome if more, better, quality titles came out, and it does look like there will be... and the firmware needs to be worked more, so it's more flexible, like being able to use the PSP like a HOST instead of a client, so if you want to hook up a external 100GIG drive to it you could..... just a thought

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    iv had mine since june 05, my dad went to american for 2months and as a guilt present it was given to me...with horrible games. I had twisted metal mtv motor quad bike crap dead to rights (i thought was but turned out ok) and ridge racer

    however many months on still going strong......

    with different games lol
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    i thought the psp wasnt worth it....then GTA LCS came along

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    I got mine in august, haha, I saved up some money, and I was debating what to get with it, next day, I'm at costco with my mom, and I'm like fuck that I'm gettin a PSP, so I bought the bundle, it came with Hot Shots Golf and ATV: Offroad Fury, which I still Love, I have a lot of fun with them, so before the year is over, I'm sending my PSP In to sony and getting a new one, my 2.6 at least, then sell it as brand new psp, and make more money.
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