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    Ps3 : Blue Ray
    Free Online
    Better Controller ( Motion Sensor 6 Axis)
    ( Usb ReCharchable)
    Better Grafics
    Supports 1080P (Full HD)
    Comming Games:
    CoD:Modern Warfare 2
    KillZone 2
    M.A.G ( Massive Action Game )
    God Of War 3 ( When this comes out the 360 will die )
    And Alout More
    HDD As Much as we want ( 2,5 - 3,5 )
    Better Design ( IMO )
    Wirless Internet
    Web Browser
    54 gig Games
    xbox got max 9 gig
    No Fucking Huge Power Brick Supply Is Needed
    Better Hardware ( 7 CPU:s Vs fagbox 3)
    Better Menu ( XMB with over 1000 themes )
    New FW updates all the time
    0.2 % Getting OverHeated Or Fail
    360 got 33% and even the new ones can get RROD even elite
    That Means Every 3 Xbox Fails Hardcore !!
    Up to 256 Player Online ON MAG
    Xbox i think its 16 or 32 hahahahaha how can u compare a shit console to the ps3 ? how ??

    the ps3 coust 3500(80 gig) swedish krona
    The xbox coust 1700(Arcade) swedish krona
    + 700 for Wirless
    +700 for 1 Year xbox live
    +400 For a Hardisk
    +600 For Batteris For 1 year for the controller ( or play and charge 600 )

    Say something possitive about 360
    only thing i find worth getting the 360 is gears nothing else
    but now we got killzone 2
    and soon alout more !
    so fuck 360 and bye from me

    1 U.S. dollar = 8.9844838 Swedish kronor

    1 Euro = 11.4084975 Swedish kronor

    1 Australian dollar = 5.77792153 Swedish kronor

    so 360 gets expensive iv u want some of the stuff the ps3 got
    expect for bluetooth and br disc reader
    and everything else
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    you know this thread is gonna change into a huge xbox 360vsps3 thread,
    and who cares people will buy what they want to buy
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    we HAVE threads like these already, and there shall be no more of them.
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