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    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering what your favorite PSP related sites were.

    Some of my favorites are , , , , ,

    but I don't know of many other.

    Any suggestions??
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    my fav is of course this one!
    PSP:Syphon Filter (Echo3z) (Rank:T3)
    SF Clan: The Uprising
    Monster Hunter: Freedom
    PC:GunZ Online (Echo3z)
    Runescape (Hazzardousv2) (Level: 32)
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    should we be advertising other sites? tut tut
    PC: Counter strike source: SA:Pyro:SA
    PSP: Socom (screen name: chris291090

    i thought the psp wasnt worth it....then GTA LCS came along

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    i regularly link to pspupdates
    i liked -hacks a while back, but ts grown stale.
    i think this site is my favourite, although i do check the news on a daily basis on pspupdates, (its my homepage)
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