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    Hey im working on a project and i need a feature in excel that can grab information from the internet let say from runescape hiscores but just a sings skill xp.....and then i need it to be displayed in a cell....i think its got to with do i do it????
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    bump! plzz
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    what? ..........

    "don't fucking ask me. i don't know..."

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    so you want a column in excel that always refreshes your runescape XP?
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    well if ur working on a runescape skill calculator i know a guy who can help you. Tell him fayko sent you and you need help with excel.
    Nomad Gaming - Making custom RS calculators with Excel
    Nomad Gaming - Wayne
    He will help you out
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    Thanks i just sent him a message, hope he replies soon.
    If anyone else wants to know how to do it, theres something to do with web queries....
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