Thread: i will never trade my psp in =P

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  1. #1 i will never trade my psp in =P 
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    got some new gear for my psp today:

    got a new stylish case... top of the line... very manly:

    also invested $60 into that Nyko PSP>TV Adapter... it's meh... prolly a 6/10. the video quality could be better... it's like i recorded video of my psp 10 years ago on VHS, but it definately gets the job done for video on the go:

    it's also pretty bulky as you can see... it's definately maneuverable and you can reach all the buttons on it while its attached so you can play games on it, i just wouldnt try to complex games (GTA, Madden, etc.) with it... it's more for lumines and rpg's hehe...

    and on top of that i can irc from my psp again using the new eloader w00p w00p!

    btw has anyone noticed my subliminal sig at all since i put it down there about a month ago??? =P~

    "don't fucking ask me. i don't know..."

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    Cool I bought the pspontv thing its got the same quality as your thing.

    and no I never really did notice you subliminal message DONATE TO FANJITA!!!
    mine did kinda have a little bit of a subliminal message hehe
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