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Thread: Phantasy Star Portable or Monster Hunter Freedom 2?

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  1. #1 Phantasy Star Portable or Monster Hunter Freedom 2? 
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    The 2 games are similar in many ways and ive seen so many threads like this in some gamers forums. i'll go with phantasy star portable because its fun and it doesnt take 30+ mins to finish a boss. Not that im saying MHF2 was not fun but MHF2 was a bit more complicated than PS:P.
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    I have played both and I kinda like PS:P better. Like Xx1337xX said it takes to long to beat a boss in MHF2. And you can play with A.I. people on almost every mission on PS:P. PS:P also has better wepons and is less confusing.

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    lets say phantasy star period owns
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    ummm MHS kinda` sucks
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    I like PS:P better than MHF and I don't have MHF2 so I can't speak for that one.

    I have only played the demo of PS:P so far but if I were you I'd get that and wait for MHF:Unite to come out. It is an improvement on MHF2 w/ more environments to explore and you can have an AI partner go on hunts with you.

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