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    Hey guys.. I was wondering how many of you airsoft and, if so, what guns do you have? I love airsofting and I have four guns. I have a pulse R72 crossman full auto machine gun(280 fps), a smaller clear machine gun (250 fps), a medium sized shotgun (350 fps), and a UTG M324S Sniper rifle (410 fps) which is currently in Texas (Lived there for six months). I recently ordered a UTG L96 AWP Sniper which is amazing (480 fps). Unfortuanalty it hasn't come yet.

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    I was into it when I was a teen. I had a couple of spring-loaded sig sauers &, mp5s, and a green gas colt 1911... We had alot of fun when the parents were out of town. Invite a few friends over and turn the house into a warzone, heh. One of my co-workers is really into it and spends thousands of dollars a year on the hobby. I just don't have time for the stuff anymore. I hardly have time to play the xbox, my last bastion of geekdom.

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