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    i bought this MONSTROSITY of a dvd collection off of some SCHMUCK for $20 today... 9 freaking DVDs... Alien, Aliens, Aliens 2, and Alien Resurrection, each with an accompanying BONUS/EXTRA disc, and then ANOTHER bonus disc about all 4 movies... it's insane! i plan on watching all 4 on my next day off i cant wait!!! i recommend any Alien(s) fan to go out and order this MONSTER BOX SET!!!

    =o~~~~~~~~ *awe*

    EDIT: (Box Closed)

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    haha $20 is a steal
    i have a similar box but not with 9 dvds :O mine is like 5 or 6, nice find
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    that rules, i was gonna buy that when it first came out, but it costed something awful. hm.. looks like im gonna go have a look for one now.
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    $20!? Wow... great find. The alien movies all kick ass.
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    awesome man......that collection is the shit

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