Thread: With the death of the UMD, should we change the format of this subforum?

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  1. #1 With the death of the UMD, should we change the format of this subforum? 
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    Since UMD's are headed for the big landfill in the sky, I propose a change of format. Even though I kind of sallied forth and posted a non-UMD review, I say we make that the norm. We all watch movies and with all the crap out there it can be tough deciding what is good and what is crap. Sadly, there's a lot of crap.

    I say we post whatever movie review we want as long as there aren't a bunch of reviews of the same movie. One thread and multiple reviews/comments would be a great idea. Its not like this is the most popular sub-forum anyway.

    I write a ton of movie reviews for my website and will start posting them here as well.

    Any ideas?

    If you absolutely need a PSP argument, you can always say that they could be converted and played via memorystick or somesuch.
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    yeah that sounds like a good idea, i posted a reply in the akira-thread aswell.. i will create a new updated guidelines thread quick now and then we can go from there
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    good plan......cuz you can convert any movie to the PSP viewing format

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