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    Ok I have a laptop from my school which you cant install or run anything off.

    I was playing a java emularot (I can run some java) an my Mac froze so i shut it and took out the battery. When I opened it back up I was amazed that it was still on. Untill I noticed my power cord was still in. I then took out the battery again, unplugged the charger, pluged charger back in, turn on mac, and then put battery back in. I was looking for more java emulators and found one. I started playing only to notice it was an .app. So then I was confused, and then I downloaded AIM (had tryed to install before) and It worked like a charm. I now also have installed Americas Army.

    WTF happened?

    Will my school be able to tell that I can now install stuff on my MAC?

    Can they tell that I have installed stuff on my MAC?

    Will I get in trouble (this all came about on an accident, I didnt intently do sometthing to my mac so I could install or run things)?

    Thinks for your opinion.
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    unless you screw up the connectons, or change system preferences, id say that nothings gonna come of it.

    i did that to my school login, and they only found out after someone found that my computer looked suddenly more osx like. windowsblinds, flyakyte and object dock.
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