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    Are there any good free spyware removers for vista?

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    Do you want a free or payed version?

    Never mind that. I only know a free version anyways Try SpywareBlaster. It works pretty nicely for me.
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    i got 2...Spybot search and destroy and superanti spyware...both are free...and they work for me....i would post a link but im under 15
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    My previous job involved repairing computers.

    The three I use are:

    Ativirus: Avast Home edition

    Spybot search and destroy

    Lavasoft Adaware

    All are free and great tools.
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    Spybot Search & Destroy is the best free one by far.
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    Thx. I used to think as a kid that sypbot search and destroy was an actual virus =]
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    i use Norton 360v2
    Malware Bytes Anti Malware
    Adaware 2008 Pro
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