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    I'm sorry, but this made my laugh.
    WSU Knowledgebase - How do I find the MAC Address of my PSP?

    So, this thread is obviously not serious, hence it's location here. So, this topic is to discuss the funny things and the stupid things you have seen that are PSP related.

    I've actually got another one:

    My bricked PSP (FAT 3,71 m33-3) Plz advice and help - MaxConsole Forums

    I was putting a new theme in my flash 0. i had completely deleted my flash 0 from my psp. Then i put the flash 0 with the new theme from my pc to my psp. At 5 seconds left he stopped copying with a strange error. My biggest mistake ever:
    I went out of recovery to see how the theme looked (that copying stopt happened before so i did'nt thought anything would happen)
    I go out of recovery and i have a full brick.
    Wenn i start my psp normally the MS led doesn't go on the UMD doesn't start and the backlight doesn't go on. Worst thing recovery is dead.
    Whenn i putt my psp on holding R the MS led light goes on, UMD starts and backlight goes on. But nothing visual. PSP goes off after some time.
    So a big brick.
    I don't know if id storage and partition table are still intact. I haven't done pandora yet but i think that would freeze at formatting flash 0. But i have no idea of that.
    Before I go to someone who whants to repare it with pandora ( 40 km away)
    I want to know(desperatly) how to fix my psp if pandora freezes at formatting flash 0. I have no Nand.backup but i do have a fat psp. can my Psp be restored and Could someone/ anyone give me foolproof directions ??. I just found out that i don't have the sony garancy anymore. Don't have the buying facture anymore.(srr my english )
    \Help please !!!
    That's not supposed to be mean. I actually feel bad for him, and it's not nice to laugh, but I think the lesson here is: mess with your flash0 without knowing what you're doing or backing it up, and you will brick your PSP. And, if you delete your entire flash0 without having a backup of it, well, your PSP will never see the light of day again.
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    mac address guide was great, i think i will write a simular one for this site LOL
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    I find it even more hilarious that the MAC guide is on a uni site.
    How the hell did they get there in the first place? <3
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    wow... lol... here are some people in a university.. supposedly smart.. and they ask this about the mac address.. hilarious
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