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    anyone else get this? i got it when sonic was loading....

    no other rom worked after that.

    line 1111 emulator $00001834

    that is the error code i got. dont understand a lick of it. im curious if anyone else has had this code. so far with a search no one else has had this code, so lets hope im right.
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    I dont know exactly, but usually when an error pops up anywhere I copy the error name and toss it in google. It fixed my problems with 100% satisfication.

    Edit: Hummdidlydumm, I just googled and nothing helpfull for you. Maby the data in the rom was corrupt and attacked your Emulator xD

    So just because I have no clue what im talking about, maby if you delet your Sonic rom and get a new one, then re-install your Emulator, your problems might be gone. Thats what I would do in your situation.

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