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    I have utorrent atm it used to work fine but currently its not working

    so Im asking for a faster torrent downloader

    any advice?

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    Ive used utorrent, azureus, and straight up bitTorrent, they are all the same speed wise for the most part. Azureus has an option to ban ip's, so if you find seeds that are not uploading you can nuke them to speed things along.

    I dont think that anyone is faster than the other. The swarm speed really depends on how fast the uploading is in the particular group. The more you upload the more seeds your able to connect to as well I believe.

    If yours is not working at all you may have an issue with your isp.
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    cheak your dl speed, if that not it then re install it, it IS the fastest one

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    I donno, i use both but prefer vuze. Not sure what your on about. Works fast for me.
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