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    so i was having some issues running out of paged pool memory and a forum said plainly "get more ram". so i upgraded. i have a 3 gig toshiba running on XP and i'm still having issues. is there anyway to designate more memory? i ran L4D and it said i was using 42k of 49k pages of memory [i believe] and that i was low. any tips or should i start looking for XP Pro?
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    Virtual memory too low?

    If so just right click my computer, go to properties. Once in properties go to advanced tab, and click on preformance settings.

    Under performance options go to advanced tab and at the bottom is virtual memory.

    Click change and change both custom values to 1.5x the amount of physical RAM you have, so 4500 MB in your case. Hit ok.
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    yup! that did it. thanks.
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