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    "Question: Was Exidy responsible for starting the violent video games trend with Death Race? Was it Namco with Pac-Man? Nintendo with Mario Bros? GTA? Maybe, but according to a pair of German researchers, it was all really the Pentagon's fault.

    In the latest issue of Current Concerns, Renate and Rudi Hansel linked the proliferation of violent video games to the U.S. military's work with military simulators. The Hansels claim that during the nineties the Pentagon released "killing simulators" for consumption by the general public:

    During the nineties the killing simulators, employed for hand to hand combat in the US army and police, were released by the Pentagon to be sold for private use on the public markets. As a consequence the computer and video game industry that had co-operated with the Pentagon from the very beginning, boomed. Since then the so-called killer games have wreaked havoc among children and youths.

    The Hansels are calling for these "electronic training programs for killing people" to be "taken back to the US barracks, where they came from. They have to disappear from civil society altogether."

    I tend to agree with this guy, the government did make "killer simulations"
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    Why does it matter? At the risk of starting something here I have make a point of two.

    No other form of media has even been put on the stand like video games. In the 60s and 70s parents freaked about the devil being in rock music, but nothing like this. There were the kids killing themselves and each other over games of DnD, something they are still trying to over come, but it was video games that became the "trainer". Doom, OLD DOOM, of all things "trained" kids to kill their classmates. Doom, the game that wont even let you look up of down (at least in the original set up) trained these kids to kill. Some how made these kids so used to killing these devils and imps and so on that killing people in real life looked like fun. I don't buy it. Mortal Kombat didn't teach me how to pull people's heads off, Forza hasn't made me a better driver, and online Uno still sucks.

    Let us take a step back and look at the real reasons people go crazy. Momma! You have to take care of your kids, teach them right from wrong. In my southern home there were guns, and as a southern child I knew what they were, where they were, and what they were for. Namely not children, and I knew what would happen should I get one of those guns even for a split second, at least I think I do. I mean, I never did that, but then again I know how bad it was when I got the candy I wasn't supposed to and they were much louder about the guns.... Think about this. I wasn't hidden from them, and they were not hidden from me. I was taught what guns were, and what they did, and what they were for, and I was shown how to use a gun if I had to, and what to use it for, and how to do all that legally and safely.

    Now go do the research on how many of these killer kids and little bad asses have a biological father in their life. Tell me that has nothing to do with it. Most of these kids and male, and don't have a biological father in their life, or didn't for a large portion of their teen and preteen years. A man is learning to be a man from a liberated woman. That's a good start to a bad problem. (I'm not downing women, just saying it takes a man teach by example what it takes to be a man, and many of these adult boys are dropping the ball!)

    Another point of interest. Life is violent! There isn't another way around this. People kill people, and people take by force. You either learn to defend yourself of get run over. There will always be bad guys and if the good guys don't start to defend themselves the bad guys will get more and more ballsy! Its the same with the government. If they have no reason to fear the people they have no reason to listen to the people. If the bad guy has no reason to fear the good guy, and the bad guy will do what he wants as often as he wants.

    The news shows all of this to us anyway. I would love the see a study like the one done of video games done on the news. Lets see what that does to the mind of a child. I can only guess. I know what it does to my mind and I grew up watching The Faces of Death!

    In the end, parents are the key. We are all too ready to say it is someone else that made all this happen. Personal responsibility is a thing of the past. We are all to happy to sue people, and point a finger and collect something for nothing. The things that made America a great place to be when this country was starting to crawl have been left in the dust as we run toward complete and total decay. Hard work and self respect have been replaced by laziness and greed. So I'll tell you what, from this point forward the world can blame me for all the violence. I would love to be known for that. I invented it, and I advertised it, and I sold it to your 6 year old. So long as my taking the fall for this means you have to teach your 6 year old what violence is, and what is can do, and when it should and shouldn't be used. There is a time and place, and that time and place may well be coming.

    And if the government is feeding these games to us for some reason that is fine too. We have the right to stop eating it. For the people, by the people, we are the people, and if you feel like the government is doing you wrong you have the responsibility to do something about that.

    One more thing, violence is the supreme authority from which all other authority is derived. It is that simple. We had to fight to win what we know call freedom, and the less we fight now, the less freedom we have.

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    I could be wrong, maybe its a terrible tragedy.
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    wow who cares, people that become violent from games are gullible and shouldn't even be aloud a squirt gun as for a killing sim, big whoop it makes for good games

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    I never was talking about whether it is bad or not, I just posted this to show everyone where FPS's came from.
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    Nah, that's interesting. I didn't know that.

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